dozen times to play again, and Qi Qi phone call, in instinct, he knew the phone is not Qi Yu call, if it Amazon it exam is Qi rain, he will not know that will make him angry circumstances, but also court death. Who would that be Think of this, he frowned, the original mind of his comfortable, but now feel annoying. Amazon Silence for a moment, looked at the still sleeping Beiling children, got up to the side of the balcony to answer the phone, just connec.ted to hear the sound, Gao Siyuan s silence achievements of the Bezhengjie presumptuous. who are you Well, until now has not given up. Beizhengjie tone more red, then shouted, Gao Siyuan. Gao Siyuan did not listen to Beizhengjie s voice, but heard the movement there, Gao Siyuan almost immediately can determine where this is. He said no expression, Do not think that you are a brother in law, really take yourself seriously. He has always been decisive, never liked the threat of others, more reluctant to hear someone shouting in his ear. For some p.eople, since already know, then he let someone see the consequences of Amazon Certification knowing. Beizheng Jie took the phone, still there, trying to use the chips as a threat. Yes, when he heard the sound came from his ear, began to think that is the relationship between the phone, when the phone has clearly

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AWS-SYSOPS AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Amazon AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate