. Silence of PMP it exam the night, enveloped the entire county At two o clock in the city center of the airport. But it is with a few black figure, under the plane. Master A gentle young man, came down from the plane. A handsome face, a suit, dress up very fashionable. There are several bodyguards next to him. A look, identity is unusual. Find the PMP ice it Young man this just off the plane, his PMI Certification face has a touch of anxious, asked. Miss ice, has been found in the state of the county, and now she heard that is opera.ting a beautiful company. Next to a look, with fifty years old man said. Rongzhou county, did not think that she went to this place to find a place, but that can escape it Young eyes, with a touch of naked. Let s go now, go to the county of Rongzhou. Uh, but, young master, her specific residence, we have not yet found out. Just the man, his face with a touch of dismay. Now it s been so late, the young master is better to find a hotel accommodation.I will try to help the young master, inquire about her news. Young man waved his hand, turned into the next to the Rolls Royce, closed his eyes, quietly resting up. I m looking for y.ou for a few years now. The young man sighed slightly. Come on Call out Rolls Royce brought a gust of wind, blink of an eye has disappeared at the airport Ice sist

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