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23rd January 2018
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14th February 2018

Breaking borders / Villabilla, Spain

From Sep 1st until 8th five youngsters from NaturKultur have participated in a project titled ‘Breaking Borders’ in Villalbilla, Madrid (Spain). Together with four other nations, Spain as leading applicant and Latvia, Portugal and Greece, we were invited to exchange ideas, opinions and learn about prejudices, integration and interculturality.
A highlight was a day trip to the spanish capital. The most visible result of the project is a so-called lipdub: a video in which all participants reinterpret a music title.
Furthermore the youngsters had an insight into participation projects, when they were meeting volunteers who organise a non-profit festival for young bands on local level or when they were visiting an occupied house in Madrid where volunteers opened a contact point to help the local community in any social issue.
We say thank you to the municipality of Villalbilla and the volunteers from Plan Joven to enable our participation in this project, as well as to the Erasmus+ programme for the financial support.