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13th September 2018
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Call for partners – Study visit – Learning from eachother

Bremen, 13/09/2018

Dear partner organization,

NaturKultur is writing an application to apply for a study visit in the first round of 2018 calls for applications from Erasmus + in Germany.
Number of partners: 5
Number of participants per partner organization: 5
Activity duration: 5 activity days excluding travel
Place: Bremen, Germany
Time of activity: February 2019

Goals of the activity:

  • To get to know what the organizations are doing, to make cooperation and exchange of know-how
  • To visit organizations that are active in the field of integration, social inclusion, work with refugees and minorities etc
  • To get to know the people from different organizations and to establish good communication and cooperation
  • To create future activities, projects and plans for cooperation

The costs for the study visit will be covered from Erasmus+ program according to the rules and distance bands.

Partner responsibilities:

  • To do pre-selection – contact 4 different local organizations and to ask them to send a participant prior to submission of the application (knowing the concrete person that would come would be great)
  • To prepare the group prior to departure (at least one skype or meeting in person, talking about the program, the goals, the organizations that we will visit, cultural, safety and security)
  • To contribute to the program development before the visit (the program is online, and you can make comments on how to improve it)
  • To contribute to the program implementation with organizing one of the workshops such as (team building, NGO fair, getting to know each other or Youth pass information)
  • To make sure that all participants fill in the “assessment of needs” questionnaire prior to the application (below you can find the survey)
  • To do the dissemination and multiplication activities
  • To write an article and publish it on their website/facebook page.

Each partner organization is going to receive 250€ if all of the partner responsibilities are fulfilled.

NaturKultur is going to apply for the project in the October 2018 deadline and we would know if the funding is approved end of December 2018. The preparation of the groups will start on 01.01.2019.

If you are interested, please send us your PIF form (Personal identification form) and mandate (Mandate – Learning from eachother – for merge) to [email protected]

If you have any questions, please let us know.

NaturKultur e.V.

Contact: Darko – [email protected]