14th November 2016

Preparing the street action, „Somewhere I belong“, Day VI

The time runs at the speed of light! So much joy, positive energy, laugh, love, humor, creativity, happiness…we did not have time to count the time! […]
13th November 2016

How to spread out our ideas? YE “Somewhere I belong”, Day V

The day when we are going to spread out our ideas on streets of Bremen is getting closer! Much has been said in this island of […]
12th November 2016

How is it to be a refugee? YE “Somewhere I belong”, Day IV

Why you decided to come to Europe? How a one can come to Europe? How much does a ship ticket cost? Is it hard to cross […]
11th November 2016

Moving to, from and within Europe! Somewhere I belong, Day III

[:en]Yesterday we opened migration-box of Europe and saw many interesting things inside! We can say this for sure, as we received several feed-backs telling us that […]