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March 27, 2019
Youth Exchange “Connect 2 Create”, 10 – 20 June 2019, Bremen
April 6, 2019

ESC opportunity with NaturKultur e.V. in Bremen, Germany

If you want to create a more inclusive society, start on the local level! For this ESC project in Bremen, we are looking for one motivated volunteer who will organise workshops and events for our community to promote European values, like acceptance of diversity, equality, empathy, and inclusion.

Location: NaturKultur e.V., Bremen, Germany

Dates: 15.04 or 01.05.2019 – 01.05.2020 (12 months)

Background of the project

What young people are being taught in schools is, generally speaking, that life is about competition. We want to show young people that there are other values, that are important, like solidarity, acceptance, equality, and unity in diversity. We want them to realise that interdependence is a higher and better goal than independence, and that young people, while caring about each other and supporting each other can achieve better results than any of them alone.

This ESC opportunity is one of 5 within one big project with the following objectives:

  1. Fostering solidarity through local youth work activities
  2. Helping organizations that work with youth to increase their offer of activities
  3. To empower young people to develop European values like acceptance of diversity, equality, empathy, and inclusion

All 5 projects are taking place in Bremen, with this particular opportunity being hosted by NaturKultur e.V.

Your hosting organisation

We are a youth mobility provider that is focused on international youth work. We organise between 8-10 Youth Exchanges and 2-3 Training Courses per year, and are sending young people on many international projects abroad. We are also the coordinating organization for volunteering opportunities for the whole city of Bremen. Our office is located in Bremen, but we organise our projects in our KulturHaus in Garlstedt, which is close to Osterholz-Scharmbeck and 30 min by car from Bremen.

Our local and international projects aim to encourage and support young people through non-formal learning opportunities, especially focussing on the topics of interculturalism, tolerance, diversity and understanding among the different cultures in Europe. We are also organising local events in Bremen and are currently extending our network in the area by cooperating with other organisations and institutions.

Your tasks as a volunteer

As a volunteer, you will work on creating different activities (workshops, events) for the local youth and will focus on promoting the work of the organizations by organizing local events and workshops. These events and workshops will focus on the topics of acceptance of differences, collaboration, inclusion, teamwork, and team spirit, helping each other, fostering empathy to increase solidarity amongst youth.

You will be encouraged to hold regular weekly workshops about different topics depending on your interests and skills and the needs of the community.

You will be responsible to take care of our social media channels and create content for our target groups to start movements and promote ideas about solidarity and teamwork.

Together with the other volunteers and with support from our organisation, you will organise 2 bigger events in the 5th and 10th month of your voluntary service.

In short, the project therefore provides you with many learning opportunities and a lot of space to implement your own ideas and projects within a supportive network of other volunteers, local participants and our organisation.


You will be accommodated in a house just for ESC volunteers in Bremen, where you will have your own room.

Bremen is a city in North-West Germany (around 500.000 inhabitants), not far from Hamburg and the North Sea coast. Bremen is a vibrant, multi-cultural city with a lot of young people and both a historical centre and newer areas of towns.

As a ESC volunteer, you will receive health insurance, monthly pocket money for food and other expenses. Travel costs will be reimbursed depending on the travel distance (normally between 180-360€).

You will be supported by a Coordinator and a Mentor to help you get settled in your work place and the city of Bremen. You will also receive German language lessons!

You can apply, if you…

  • … are a resident of a country within the EU (not Germany)
  • … between 18-30 years old (on the day you start your EVS)
  • … have a basic level of understanding, speaking and writing in German
  • … have a good level of understanding, speaking and writing in English
  • … a high level of motivation, self-development and readiness to work with different age groups
  • … are an openminded person, motivated to work in a team and with people from different religious, cultural and social background
  • … are pro-active, showing iniative and are able to work independently

In short, this ESC project will give you the opportunity to learn and gain experience in a new professional environment, develop your self-awareness and knowledge about people with different backgrounds, learn more about a new culture and language, find your strengths and interests in an unforgetable, unique 12 months in Bremen!

The call for this project has been closed now. Thank you for applying and we will get in touch!