How to spread out our ideas? YE “Somewhere I belong”, Day V
November 13, 2016
STREET ACTION, “Somewhere I belong”, Day VII
November 15, 2016

Preparing the street action, „Somewhere I belong“, Day VI


The time runs at the speed of light! So much joy, positive energy, laugh, love, humor, creativity, happiness…we did not have time to count the time!

Nor did we have time to make photos today! We have been collecting ideas for the street action, and what we decided stays a secret…until tomorrow!


For sure we prepared a great surprise for citizens and tourists of Bremen!

Editorial team has finally prepared the brochure which will travel with us until a printing center before we go to Europapunkt Bremen! Drawing club has prepared beautiful drawings and we all together will… read the diary tomorrow and find it out! 😉


Today was a real Sunday reserved for creative work, we did not even think about organising Lithuanian national night, we left it for tomorrow! Instead, we watched Italian movie “Fuocoammare” about Lampedusa, the island which saved thousands of refugees, the island of luck in the sea of misery.