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3rd June 2019
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10th June 2019

Short-term ESC “Experiential Learning Forum” in Romania, Summer – Autumn 2019

If experiential learning is your passion, you always wanted to work in a multicultural team of 20 people from other countries and you have 2 months to spare this summer or autumn – this project is for you!

The aim of this project is to organise a Festival about experiential learning! The festival will be a space where education public, private, institutionalised, free, formal, informal and non-formal education can be discussed, reinvented, and directly experienced. Organising such an event with the help of volunteers from various countries and backgrounds, including those with fewer opportunities plays enables us to have a platform where everyone can share their perspectives on education, youth, adulthood, growth, cultural heritage, employability, environmental sustainability and other topics.

Location: Harja/Oituz, Romania

Hosting Organisation: Asociatia Copiii in Sanul Familiei (Friends of Romanian Children)

Dates: There are two rounds you can be involved in, for 2 months each – see below!

Round 1 – 15 June – 12 August 2019

As a member of the First Team, you will have a variety of exciting tasks, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone engaged in the upcoming festival, such as the preparation of workshops and promotional content.

The main tasks for the first team of volunteers are:

  • to prepare activities for the festival, such as workshops
  • get to know the local community, volunteers, establish cooperation with local NGOs, public bodies and local authorities
  • select tools of non-formal education and plan a strategy how to promote solidarity, social inclusion, environmental protection and the possibilities of the ESC programme in the region, particularly in disadvantaged urban and rural areas
  • participate in local events and spread the word about the festival
  • create interviews and videos about inclusion and cultural heritage
  • create social media strategies and content to effectively promote that values and activities of the festival
  • create a blog where people share photos, videos, stories etc. about the experiences surrounding the festival

Round 2 – 15th August – 8th October

As a member of the Second Team, you will continue with the work the First Team has done and finalise everything for the implementation of the event! After the festival, you will also take care of the dissemination activities in order to spread the word about the great things you and your team organised.

The main tasks for the second team of volunteers are:

  • To prepare non-formal education and experiential learning activities for the workshops that will be held during the festival and throughout the dissemination phase of the festival
  • To promote non-formal learning in the community
  • Develop graphic design and visual communication strategy to increase the visibility of the festival and the events organised around it
  • Coordinate media contacts, including international media contacts, press releases and articles
  • Prepare a description of workshops and cooperation with guests and experts, creating the logo of the festival
  • Arrange the space of the festival, such as the tents, stages, activity areas, logistics and administrative processes with the help of local authorities and sponsors
  • Undertake dissemination activities in the local community for sharing the results of the large scale event with the stakeholders
  • Coordinate the creation of online materials, such as social media, youtube channel, facebook, especially through the format of “Humans of Change” (modelled after the popular Humans of New York page)

Why should you participate?

The involvement in this short-term ESC will give you an opportunity to develop an increased understanding of other cultures, forms of education, tools and methods, event management, promotion strategies, team-work and interpersonal skills. Together with an international group of 19 other volunteers, you will discover the cultures of the Romanian community, learn more about yourself, your values and skills, and certainly gain a lot of self-confidence!

You can apply below to participate, if you fulfil a few requirements:

  • You are between 18-30 years old
  • You are a resident of Germany
  • You are available for the duration of at least one project phase (you may apply for both phases, but only participate in one)
  • You are a pro-active and motivated person

Curious to find out more about the project? Click here to read the infopack! (Do not worry – the Infopack does not indicate that German residents can participate, but it is possible!)

This project is financed by the Erasmus+ ESC programme. Accommodation will be organised and paid for by the hosting organisation. You will receive a monthly allowance for food costs as well as pocket money. Travel costs will be reimbursed.

Throughout the project, you will have guidance to ensure that you receive sufficient training and time for reflection. At the end of the project, you will also receive a certificate confirming your participation.

Any other questions? Just get in touch with Irma: [email protected]

Feel free to apply below!