Lets do it together! Youth exchange in Norway
October 26, 2016
Why do we move? Somewhere I belong, Day II
November 9, 2016

Somewhere I belong…

…not the song of “Linkin Park“, although there is a lot of music being played here!

The first day of the Erasmus+ Youth Exchange in Sottrum (Germany) organised by NaturKultur!

The first ones to arrive to the hostel with beautiful natural surrounding were representatives of NaturKultur: some of them are still trying to recover from hard-working preparation night with endless number of coffee cups!

The more participants arrive, the less is the feeling of being tired, so let the joy begin!

36 people from 5 different countries (Lithuania, Germany, Greece, Macedonia and Italy) are arriving at different time points. Yamen (18) and Ayman (19) came to Germany from faraway Syria and we are happy that they are here! They want to share their stories of long and fearful trip, leaving all fears aside: happy and always smiled they are welcoming other participants!

Right here and right now we work on messages we want to send to this region, Germany, Europe and the world: messages of love, peace, friendship and understanding! But, more about it next days!

It`s almost the end of the day and we cannot wait for the Macedonian group to come and share their story of long journey full of delays! J

Until tomorrow

Greetings from united people who belong somewhere!

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