NaturKultur e.V. is an organization that is addressing the challenges that the society is having. We see ourselves as young people who address the challenges and provide solutions for those challenges in a sustainable manner. There are burning issues that we want to address and therefore our efforts are focused on the following issues:

10603747_1021607661193227_3462952778894358511_nDevelopment of young peoplewe are providing a platform for young people to learn and increase their knowledge on specific issue that they are interested about. Further on we create projects together that are going to tackle those issues and provide solutions. On this way we are trying to have the “snowball effect" with increasing the volume of people who are tackling those issues and providing solutions. Making an impact on our societies and changing the world to be better place.

Environment – we care about the environment. Many people are not aware of w11052231_1021610344526292_721662613838211944_nhat kind of damage we do just by simply living our daily life and having our normal habits. People are not aware of how much trash they produce and where does that trash go. People are not aware what kind of food they eat, what kind of ingredients are in the food. More important, people are unaware of the antibiotics that animals are being fed with so they can grow faster without diseases, pesticides that are used to plants would grow faster. They dont know about animals that are caged for whole their life cause they dont have natural immunity, or rain forest being cut completely so we can have wooden chairs or eat cheap pineapples. We make them aware and fight providing sustainable solutions.

DSC06032Social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities – we believe that all human beings are born equal and everyone deserves a chance to learn and to develop themselves disregarding economic, cultural, educational, cultural, ethnic or any other background. That we why focus on our projects is to include young people from underprivileged families, young people with disabilities, different ethnic minorities, and people who simply don’t have the opportunity to work and travel as all other young people.